Everything about Coconut shell products

coconut shell products

The coconut tree is the most versatile tree on the earth. There are unbelievable uses and health benefits of coconut meat, oil, and water. However, there are so many other benefits of different parts of the coconut tree, like fertilizer is produced from coconut husks. Also, the coconut husk is the key ingredient in making […]

Sri Lankan clay and porcelain products

clay and porcelain products

Sri Lanka has had too many traditional and authentic industries since its inception from the immigration of price Vijaya from India. (History starts from here) While the prince and his followers landed in Sri Lanka, the native girl Kuveni, a premium historical character, was said to be weaving cotton clothes. This reveals how Sri Lankans […]

Everything about Rattan Products

Rattan products preparing

Rattan products are one of the best ways to invest your money on. The product range in which Rattan raw materials have covered a broad scope. Every product made using them has valuable outcomes and advantages. Due to the versatile use of the raw materials and their durability, the industry inheritance says about a long […]

Top Importance And Health Benefits Of Goat Milk

health benefits of goat milk

The most consumed sort of milk worldwide is goat milk. In fact, 65% to 72% of all dairy products consumed globally are goat’s milk. This is partly due to the truth that goat milk is easier to keep than cows in developing countries, which is an essential source of calories, protein and fat. In many […]

Top 5 Evidence-Based Benefits Of Organic Food

New technologies are the primary way to process foods in the modern world. These technologies include biological gene mutations, uses of chemical compounds, and chemical interactions. Not only plant food but also animal foods. So, with the increasing of non-infectious diseases due to these processed foods, people in some countries are searching for favourable methods […]

The Delicious Story of the Kitul Treacle, Kitul Jaggery And Kitul Flour

Parts of the Kitul plant that grows naturally in the wet zone of Sri Lanka are utilized for various purposes, and the flower Kitul flower occupies a special place among them. There are multiple industries associated with the Kitul flower, the main ones. Telidiya, a natural herbal liquid with a sugar content of about 12% […]